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We want to make shoe making skills simple, accessible and fun.

We want young people to be given the skills and creative control to create their very own shoes. 
We want people to learn shoe making without the use of heavy machinery.
We want young people to be equipped with the knowledge to start shoe making cottage industries at home!


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“Buy a pair of shoes and you cover your feet for a year or two. Learn how to make shoes and you can shoe yourself, family and friends for a lifetime.”

Rosette Twizerimana

About Us

Tandika Uganda is a community based shoe training project that offers training to young girls and women in basic hand shoe making techniques and simple machine aided methods. Through a biweekly training programme, Tandika Uganda offers basic shoemaking skills that are simple and accessible without the use of complicated heavy machinery. The training equips young people with the knowledge to start their own shoemaking cottage industries.

The training which is offered to individuals and groups, covers; introduction to tools & materials, shoe design, basic shoe construction (lasting, cutting & sewing), shoe sizing and shoe styles (ladies, men, children), finishing & embellishments and procurement of materials.

Each pair of shoes made requires hours of intense labor to craft and Tandika Uganda believes each pair made is a lesson in patience and an investment self in self-sufficiency.

Individual Training

We offer training for individuals from our center on a first come first serve basis

Group Training

We work with NGO's, community self help groups, churches, CBO's and any other organized groups to organize training on location.

About Our Training

Tandika Uganda offers an opportunity to acquire skills fast and start earning fast.
The two weeks training programme equips learners with the fundamentals of footwear hand manufacture.
Join us today and be part of our vision of shaping the next generation of African footwear makers

Course Outline

Our training covers the following:

  • Introduction to tools & materials
  • Shoe design
  • Basic Shoe construction (Lasting, cutting & sewing)
  • Different types of shoes and sizes (Ladies, Men, Children)
  • Finishing & Embellishments
  • Market Tour & Purchasing Materials

Stay tuned and up to date!

We are dedicated to teaching the art of hand-making shoes to promote self-sufficiency and sustainability. Our goal is to empower all people to enjoy a satisfying and liberating experience around creating footwear and leather work.


As a social enterprise, creating jobs and impacting our communities is why we started this business

Equipped with skills
Self help groups trained
Events Attended


This is our fees structure

Individuals Plan

10 days


Training lasts 10 days but student is free to decide whether to have it as:

Full day | Half day | Weekends only

Group Plan



  • Our group package costs 250,000/= per person.
    Other fees include transport, accommodation and feeding for our team. The training lasts three days and is whole day

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If you have any question, contact us in our working hours, Monday to Friday from 8am to 7pm



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